Court Maintenance and new photographs 

All courts have now been painted and to keep them top condition please make sure that your shoes are completely clean.  The Club are also very pleased to be able to use the superb overhead photographs provided by Ollie Allen.  These show our courts to best advantage and the other facilities locally.


Thank you from Wiltshire Air Ambulance

 We have received this letter of thanks from Wiltshire Air Ambulance following the American Tournament.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the Over ??s Tournament

The winner of the Tournament for the more mature and wise was the team of Sue Kerfoot and Keith Glenn.  In all, each team played 5 matches consisting of a single 5 game set.  Each game won counted for 1 point.  Many thanks to Diana Hale for organising the event and keeping everyone in the right place. 


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WhatsApp Group

We now have a Club WhatsApp group for any one wanting to contact other Members for a game.  Please contact Trevor Scott for full details.


Congratulations to the Winners of the American Tournament

The winners of the shortened American Tournament were Sue Newell and Sonia Glenn for the Ladies, and Peter Rolliston for the Gentlemen.  Not all matches were played because of the poor weather, nevertheless there were many laughs and much spirited tennis.  Many thanks to Diana Hale for organising the event and keeping all participants up to the mark. 



Congratulations to the Mens Doubles Winners

The winners of the Mens Doubles Tournament were Sam Ferris and Keith Glenn.  This tournament was fought on a very hot Sunday.  The enthusiastic spectators, at suitable social distances, also provided much needed refreshments including the traditional strawberries and ice cream. 


Congratulations to the Ladies Doubles Winners

The overall winners of the Ladies Doubles Tournament, by a single point, were Jenny Bishop and Diana Hale, closely followed by the runners-up Sue Kerfoot and Isabel Lewis.  Many congratulations to the winners and the organiser and for the excellent tea afterwards.


Court Maintenance

The single court has now been cleaned and painted, and it looks really good.  If you note anything amiss then please let a committee member know as soon as possible.


Club Sessions

Our regular Club Sessions restarted on 13th April 2021.  Tuesday and Sunday sessions will run from 10am to midday; the evening session will be held on Fridays starting at 6.00pm.  Please observe any government and LTA guidlines.  


Corsley Tennis Club Quiz

The Quiz was won by Sally Barker - congratulations!


Racquet Stringing Service

Michael Clarke's Racquet Clinic offers a stringing service as well as advice on stringing, grommets, grips, etc. to give the Club a very useful service for the members.  To contact Michael send him a message here