Here is a summary of the LTA guidance on play permitted from 29th March.  To download a full copy please click here.




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Court will reopen on 29th March 2021

The Government has decided that open air tennis may begin again.  If the current decline in the incidence of COVID continues satisfactorily then groups of up to 6 people may gather together.  As with the last lockdown, there will be a 30 minute difference in starting times between courts 2 and 3.  Please be patient and stay safe.


Corsley Tennis Club Quiz

The Quiz was won by Sally Barker - congratulations!


ClubSpark Booking System

The Club is now using a court booking system.  

To use the court booking system Corsley Members must be registered with ClubSpark.  When registered you will be able to make, check and cancel bookings and you will be able to see who has made a booking, whereas a non-registered viewer will only be able to see that a court has been booked.  You should always use the same login details to get on to the booking sheet or ClubSpark membership facilities.

Invitations have been sent to all Club Members.  If you find that you have not received your invitation then please check that the email address we hold for you is current, and that Club emails are not in your spam or junk folder.

CTC booking  


 Racquet Stringing Service

Michael Clarke's Racquet Clinic offers a stringing service as well as advice on stringing, grommets, grips, etc. to give the Club a very useful service for the members.  To contact Michael send him a message here